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About us…

Together with our daughters, Lisa & Iris, we form a 4-span in our Praktijk Tijd voor Jezelf Vlijmen, each with its own characteristics, specialism and qualities. Here we work together with great pleasure and the client is central. We are a Brabant family with the necessary hospitality.

With great pleasure we, Giovanni & Mariƫlle, expand our work with a new adventure by providing the Wellness massages for the guests of Hotel Congrescentrum De Zeeuwse Stromen, located on a beautiful piece of nature that Renesse has to offer.

In the Hotel, two wonderfully relaxed spaces have been created, to undergo the benefits of tranquility by means of a massage with refined oil and relaxed sounds. Truly a Time for Yourself Moment!

You will relax, take a wonderful walk on the beach, watch the beautiful sunset, walk through the dancing dunes, immerse yourself in the experience of a Wellness massage …

What is important to us is that the guest feels at ease and can surrender to the benefit of rest. We stand for a personal contact moment according to your wishes and everyone’s choice. We take you into a functional relaxation mode so that your body and mind can relax again in this special time with the necessary hectic pace.

Know you’re welcome… Dear guest of De Zeeuwse Stromen!

SEA you soon,
Giovanni & Mariƫlle Rijken