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Welcome to
“Time for Yourself by the Sea”

Are you looking for a moment of relaxation? To relax to get back in balance?
Can your muscles be loosened because you exercise (a lot)?
Do you experience tensions in your neck and/or shoulders?
Are you pregnant and do you deserve Mommy Time?!

Book a wonderful massage to experience
what this benefit does to your body and mind.

A Precious Moment for Yourself!

You can come to us for various wellness massages such as
relaxation, sports and pregnancy massages.

In the hectic pace of every day, we often forget to think enough about the things
that are really important, just consciously enjoying themselves.
In our view, conscious enjoyment can only be that you focus your attention entirely on the moment.
This way you get to the core of rest, relaxation and balance,
you feel back to Yourself.
And that does us all good… step over the threshold…
come and experience… and speak from experience later.





Our offer

A warm ‎en‎ personal contact moment
with attention to your body and mind.

 Relaxation massage * Sports massage * Intuitive Time for Yourself massage *
Hot stone massage * Time by the Sea Duo massage * Pregnancy massage *
Children’s massage * Cancer massage * Company chair massage *


Time by the Sea Duo Massage

Wonderful to be together with your partner, mother, your daughter,
your boyfriend or girlfriend … to experience.
Give your holiday an extra dimension,
come and experience the warmth and the pure relaxation.


Pregnancy massage

Are you pregnant?
What a beautiful and special Time for Yourself!
This entails all kinds of changes both physically and mentally.

The pregnancy massage gives you a total relaxation and offers you a true breath of fresh air.
The massage ensures better blood circulation, smoother muscles, relieves back pain, pelvic pain and leg cramps, better sleep and reduces stress.

Not only yourself but also your baby benefits from this… how beautiful is that …



Time for Yourself by the Sea also offers Chair Massages for companies in collaboration with the Hotel & Congress Centre de Zeeuwse Stromen.

Massage through your clothes
Short massage, maximum results
Reduces (work)stress
Promotes/restores muscle tissue
Refreshes and relaxes
Relieves back, neck and shouldercomplaints



Gift certificate

Nice to give, even more fun to get!
Get more energy from a moment of rest.